May 25, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Avigdor Lieberman related from his meeting with the French Foreign Minster, Bernard Kushner, "I told him when I first arrived in Nokdim there were 12 children. Today there are 170. I said to [Kushner]the children cannot go the summer and the winter without daycare. [Kushner] asked why they cannot go together with the Palestinian children in Bethlehem, just like the whites and blacks learn together." Lieberman explained there is a basic lack of understanding of the complicated reality in Israel.

Minister Gilad Erdan interjected, "Parents will not agree to educate their children in Bethlehem, to receive an education in how to deal with explosives."


  1. the premise of the FM is wrong.

    WOuld he suggest that Cathlics who attend Sunday school should go to school with devout Muslims?

    This is not simply a question of blacks and whites who apart from skin color have no diffrences.

    These (even secular) are 2 different groups.

    WHy does he suppose that in order to achieve peace there is a need to destroy all sense of identity both for the Jews and the palestinians.

    How stupid.

  2. The irony is there is separation between the Muslims and the French in Kouchner's own country. France should put its own house in order before it lectures Israel about equality with the Palestinians.

  3. I don't think the problem is that Jews don't want their kids to learn how to deal with explosives. It's actually a very important skill, as long as we're still being targeted. The real problem is that if Jewish kids would be educated in Bethlehem, they would be the targets during explosive training.


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