May 11, 2009

Kupat Ha'Ir in the shidduchim business!

To continue the issue of the Kupat Ha'Ir problem with Shavuos and they have advertised, they have solved the problem of "2 day yom tov" and davening 40 days in a row in Amuka, by setting up a generator and tent and having a minyan stay there over the holiday to daven there.

There was some question as to how this would work. They recently publicized that they are sending a minyan of avreichim for the holiday to Amuka. Not yeshiva students. They wanted specifically avreichim, as avreichim learn all day along with having a special sensitivity to tefilla.

As well, they have publicized the importance of this segula by relating that last year thousands donated to Kupat Ha'Ir for their tefillos at Amuka. For a number of months after the tefilla campaign, every Thursday and Friday they received phone calls informing them of mazel tovs of people from the lists who got engaged. They added that all the couples that got engaged were couple where both the chassan's name and the kallah's name appeared on the lists for tefilla at Amuka.

A new idea for Kupat Ha'Ir is to go into the shadchanus business. They get these lists of names, so they should just continue, along with the tefillos, by recommending shidduchim from name son the lists!

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