May 21, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

The State of Israel is a gift that was given to the Jews after 2000 years of exile, and our job is to guard this gift even if the world does not care if it would be wiped [off the face of the earth].

---------MK Yossi Peled (Likud)

said this in an interview in response to Hillary Clinton's statements [on behalf of Barak Obama] about dividing Jerusalem and stopping settlement construction even for natural growth


  1. Still no mention of Shem Hashem.

    And there's our problem.

  2. Shy Guy, I was about to say it, lol. Its not just secular Jews who fail to show reverence for Hashem. Its those who should set the example for Jews who need to do so. When the Jew forgets G-d, He uses the nations to remind him the true power is The One in the world - not the one in the White House!

    I'm not frum and I'm not brought up in the Jewish life but I at least know enough to fear G-d. If I - an individual with a secular background can do it, all the more so should those who live as He commands do so!

  3. Norman, come on over to the wild side! :)

  4. I think, given the audience, the statement shows something brave. Most current politicians would have tripped all over themselves to apologize, even for our existence here. The fact that he said at least positive. This is similar to all the Israelis who couldn't wait to line up for the Pope...and only Rav Amar having the nerve and pride to show up with an answer to the huge golden cross the Pope insisted on wearing. Our answer was a large, golden image of the Aseret Hadibrot (ten commandments). There are too few cases of Jews standing up and showing pride in our land, our country, our religion and our position. I'm happy he did this, at least. Thanks for sharing.


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