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Aug 6, 2014

a crook with a heart

מי כעמך ישראל!!??

This story is a perfect one for Rav Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev.

Ynet reports about a criminal who broke into a house to steal and clean it out, until he realized who's house he was in...

A bereaved family from Kiryat Atta, who's son had died in the army in the helicopter tragedy of 1997, and a grandson was injured during the recent battles in gaza - went abroad during the fighting in Gaza for some respite.

While away, a crook broke into their empty house.

When they returned home, they found out from a neighbor that on Shabbat morning he had spotted their front door ajar.

"אני חושבת שהוא התחיל בחדר השינה, שם כבר הספיק לפתוח את המגירות. ואז ראה בחדר השני את התמונות והרובה של גל. קיבלנו את הרובה עם ההקדשה לאחר נפילתו" ()After calling out and not getting a response, the neighbor went in and saw the place had been ransacked. The main bedroom was in complete disarray, yet the son's bedroom was in perfect condition.

It seems, and so they understood from what they saw in their house, that as he went through the house he eventually realized he had broken into the home of a bereaved family. He saw the rifle that was given to them to memorialize their son, along with the pictures.. somehow this had some sort of impact on him, and he decided to stop. He left everything behind and left the house. He even wrote an apology letter saying he had not intended to hurt them.

For whatever reason he is a crook, but he is not heartless!

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