Jun 16, 2020

breaking and entering into the parks in NY

According to the New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation authority COVID regulations, parks around the state are now open (during daylight hours), though playground equipment is still to be avoided.

This tweet (specifically the video in it) from Satmar is gold - solid gold:

forget the covid argument of them and us. I am tired of that. I don't really understand what happened here. In the video, you see people on both sides of the chained fence. It looks, to me, that the people on the other side of the fence are by the street, and the people cutting the chain of the fence are on the iside.

If the gate is padlocked shut, how did the people get in to cut the chain from the inside? And if there is another opening they were able to enter through, why not just bring the kids in through that way to let them play instead  of being destructive for seemingly no reason? Maybe they jumped the fence to do this?

the video is wild, regardless of the exact details

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  1. Have the absolutely no shame, New York has been the hardest hit city in the world, and the Jewish community has been disproportionately effected, with far too many deaths.

    Do those children want to contract the virus and then pass it on to their grandparents? What will they tell their own children if they are directly responsible for the death of their grandparents.

    In case they are unaware, over 100,000 people have died so far in the US from this Pandemic, and behavior like this will make sure that the number continues to climb.


  2. Not sure if you got the memo, but Corona is done in NY. These communities all got it and have herd immunity. They can't continue to torture all our families.

    You live in one country and seem to think that every other country is in the same situation. Nobody got corona here for the past 6 weeks already. And there's been nearly zero social distancing in Brooklyn frum communities during this time.

    So learn some facts before you rant against "we the people" who paid for these parks.

    1. the whole world knows that the New York curve is trending down and New York is doing fairly well now, maybe the best in the USA. Overall it is trending down in most places. The number of new cases is very low, compared to what it was for a while. That is why the State is opening up, little by little. There is nothing unique going on. You arent special. The measures taken worked. That doesnt mean jews get an automatic exception and everything they want is immediately granted. The State has a plan to open up, and that plan is based on medical experts opinions as to how to continue to keep the public safe. Including the Jews. It isnt discrimination against Jews when playgrounds all over the State are closed. It isnt discrimination against jews when all sleepaway camps are closed. I know New York Jews think they are special and control everything, but you are just one of many populations residing in new York. The protests/riots were a big problem. I think they were less granted an exception from the rules and more out of control.
      I do like how you think nobody outside NY can talk about NY. Have you ever spoken about what Israel should do or shouldnt do? And anyways, I am not talking about what should be done. I am talking about following the rules. I dont ppersonally know if the parks should be open or not. I make no suggestion about that. But if the medical experts are advising the politicians that the time is not yet right for that, I think it is stupid of people to fight for them to be open, as if your herd immunity that you might or might not have protects you from the virus just because you want your kid to play i the park. the medical experts know about herd immunity and they are still saying it is not yet time for the parks to open safely

  3. I never once mentioned anything about you not having any right to comment about NY. I wrote "You live in one country and seem to think that every other country is in the same situation". I.e. Your comments seem to be detached from the reality of what's happening on the ground in NY.

    I know you M.O.'s worship everything every government propagates as Torah miSinai, regardless of whether they contradict themselves from one day to the next, k'chol asher yorochu, with the ultimate kabolas ol. But some communities don't, and realize that not everyone are such tzadikim and not everything that they dictate is based on medical science or protecting anyone. There's a limit to how much people can handle, and it's reached the limit.

    1. surely you know better than all the experts together, and know exactly what the politicians should be doing.

      There's no need to worship the government, but they are trying to protect the public as well as possible under very difficult circumstances.

      “Rabbi Hananya says, Pray for the welfare of the government, for if it were not for fear of the government, men would eat one another alive” (Pirke Avot 3:2). This is exactly what the frum jews of NY (at least some of them) are doing right now. this is a perfect example for Pirkei Avos.

      you throw aroudn the word "MO" as if it is an insult, and I dont know why. I am not sure if I am MO or not, though perhaps I am not as machmir as you on various issues. I never went to YU nor any other MO organization. My friends who are MO are wonderful people committed fully to torah and mitzvos, so I am not sure why you say it as if it is an insult


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