Jun 18, 2020

what is Avi Dichter doing?

I'm not sure what is going on with Avi Dichter, or what he is planning.

Dichter today announced that he is going to run against Netanyahu in the next primaries and will then be Prime Minister.

Dichter also said to a journalist that in the previous primaries Netanyahu had asked him to run for Likud leadership to guarantee the anti-Bibi vote would be split and not all go to Gideon Saar, ensuring he would not win or even get too high of a percent of the votes. At the time Dichter says he refused, but now he plans to run against Netanyahu for real.
Why now? the government was just formed. Dichter was given the position of head of an important committee, and even though he wanted an important ministry, what he got is nothing to sneeze at. Is Dichter hinting at the government soon being dismantled? Is he just responding to the constant state of opposition in the government and getting himself ready?

What is happening here?

I don't know what his story is, but whenever anyone says anything like that, he gets himself targeted by Bibi... you can likely expect a downward turn in his career coming...

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