Jun 15, 2020

Facebook Status of the Day - open letter against New York - Drop Dead and Pay

I don't know who he is, but he wrote this well (though I disagree)... my comments after the post..

1. I don't care if Jews leave New York. It's about time.
2. He didn't even mention Israel as an option.
3. I disagree with his premise. He thinks the local Jews pay so much tax money so COVID will spare them if they are granted an exemption form the rules, just like the protesters?
4. He puts public health experts in quotation marks, as if they aren't really. I assume he read something about health on Facebook so he thinks he is more of an expert than the "experts". Not nice questioning their expertise just because they aren't giving him what he wants.
5. I don't know who those experts he refers to so derogatorily are, but I sincerely hope the City of NY was using real public health experts to make their decisions and not "Public Health Experts"
6. if the city is such a dump and the Jews dont get anything in return for all the taxes why has he, or why has the Jewish community in general, stayed there at all until now? It sounds like a lousy place to live
7. yes, you have to fund your own schools. That is why it is called "private school". If you want publicly funded schools, send your kids to public school. What is so difficult to understand about that.
8. The point I have made many times in many places - COVID don't care that you think because the protesters broke the rules so you should be allowed to as well. Did he already forget all the deaths and illnesses that hit the community over the past few months? He thinks because the protesters were able to break the rules with no enforcement he should be able to as well and COVID will agree and stay away from the shuls from now on?

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  1. I posted the same comments on his original post on FB. To be fair, I am copying his response to me here:
    Responding to all your points in order.
    1. I do, after the way we were treated, New York doesn't deserve a Jewish community and I would love to see a mass Exodus.
    2. Israel is always an option and a good one, but it is a much more difficult option for most people. Not everyone is a network administrator that can work from anywhere.
    3. Local Jews in NY represent the salt of the earth in this city. We were just shown the door, we were abused and humiliated and still are with every passing day. The "RULES" were not equally applied to George Floyd protesters as they were applied to the Jews.
    What ever happened to basic fairness?
    What ever happened to equality under the law?
    Whatever happened to Public Health concerns?
    4. I put them in quotation marks precisely because they are a bunch of political hacks, frauds and self important mini tyrants. Their decision making process has little or nothing to do with Science and everything to do a leftist progressive worldview.
    How can you defend "Public Health Officials" that throw Jewish children out of a playground in Williamsburg while praising the tens of thousands of George Floyd Protesters. They are not Public servants, they have nothing to do with health and they are definitely not experts.
    5. If you don't know and all you have is hope, maybe you should take a moment and read up on their public statements before questioning my opinion of them and their expertise.
    6. That is the very premise of my post. I personally left this dump 15 years ago. and I am encouraging everyone else to do the same.
    7. Who and with what right decided that in order for me to access my tax dollars meant for my children's education, I am forced to send my children to the government run schools.I don't know the exact number but it's probably close to 200,000 Orthodox children in New York State right now. Let's all register our kids to public school and see how they figure out placement for all of them. and if they can't figure it out let them pay our schools.
    8. I lost my father to Covid so please don't lecture me about the dangers, I know it very well. My point is that the Public Health Officials have lost all credibility with how they responded to the protesters which in turn make all of their previous edicts and decisions suspect and non credible.
    They are abusing their power in incredible ways.They are wantonly destroying the mental and emotional well being of hundreds of millions. They are destroying livelihoods and businesses of hundreds of thousands by fiat and we pay their damn salaries. They then have the audacity to lecture the public oon how the protests must go on and you defend it?
    Its blood curlingly outrageous.

  2. Hi Rafi, regarding your comment about “health experts”, the issue is that in many areas what the experts say depends if the experts are “liberal” or “conservative.” Many things have become politicized - whether it is dealing with COVID, global warming, security situation in Israel, taxation, regulation, etc. Even if someone has no expertise in any of these areas, I don’t think it is arrogant or illogical for them to disagree with the “experts” as many times the expert opinion has been influenced by a liberal/conservative viewpoint. And the evidence that it is political is that there are usually other experts (of a different political persuasion) who disagree. To relate this to COVID, there are many experts who have published articles criticizing New York for being too restrictive with closing the economy for too long. And other states have opened the economy quicker. If NY had a conservative governor, it would likely have opened the economy sooner and camps would be open. It appears correct to say that “politics” is a major factor driving the solutions for the current health crisis.
    Kol Tuv,

  3. I agree that different experts can have different opinions on things. they still dont lose the title of "expert" just because you dont like the decision.
    the politics generally dont come from the medical experts but from the governor and mayor and other relevant politicians along with the pressure applied form the public and from community activists. To be fair, they do have multiple considerations to keep in mind when making decisions and the decisions are not made purely on medical considerations alone, but that is on the governor and mayor and whoever else, not on the medical people.

  4. We all have different opinions (including experts). A sign whether something is politicized is when experts have - within a range - more or less - only one of two opinions, and the common denominator is the liberal/conservative political viewpoint of the expert. From what I hear and read, there is a perception among most people in the Frum NY community that the restrictions in NY have been unreasonable either in severity or in length of time. This is also from people who are taking the health precautions very seriously. From what I hear, there are very few Frum New Yorkers who agree with Cuomo at this point in the crisis.

  5. if I am not mistaken, Governor Cuomo is a Democrat. So Orthodox Jews who are overwhelmingly conservative and largely vote Republican (eve in liberal NY), are upset that the liberal democrat is being too conservative?

  6. No, the liberal governor is being overly liberal, by no means conservative.
    By the way, you overlooked his changing the goalposts. Originally 'getting over the curve', he's still keeping things closed. And being anti Trump, keeping Democratic Party values B in the equation. Half his daily press conference is speaking about President Trump.


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