Jun 22, 2020

Palestinians: What do you learn about the Jews? (video)

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  1. Rafi - you need to fix the hotlink. The video shown is the one related to your previous post.

  2. https://eyes-opener.blogspot.com/2020/06/issa-nakhle-holocaust-denier-and.html

    ISSA NAKHLEH: Holocaust denier, Hitler's canard - canvassing, pushing Neo-Nazi inventions on WW2, and long time agitator in LA::
    *In agitating Anti-Jewish hatred in Argentina. 1950s.

    * As he represented Sirhan in R. Kennedy's murder, Arabs (whether by his initiative or his tacit go-along) spread around a conspiracy theory blaming Jews that they did it and pinned it on an Arab... 1968.
    * May-1970: Recavassed Hitler's old canards on Jews; pushed neo nazis' inventions about WW2; referred to (in singular term) "Jew war criminals" in his article in violent racist publication.

    * Addressed at "convention" of Holocaust deniers; published a denial "piece" in their publication ;wrote for various racist groups. 1981-2.

    * 1982: Together with LibertyLobby advocated to court for the accused Swedish Holocaust denier Ditlieb Felderer - as a "scholar".

    * This very same denier, has also pushed for the idea of some so-called "mutual admiration" (by highlighting some of the Zionists' agreement for emigration in 1930s).

    * Much of his writing is dedicated to his hero, infamous ex Mufti al-Husseini, Hitler's staunchest active ally in the Arab world.


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