Jun 29, 2020

sailing across the Atlantic during CoronaVirus

This story described in an article in the Jerusalem Post is amazing...

Some fellow living on an island near Portugal wanted to visit his 90 year old father in Argentina, but couldn't because Argentina had shut down air travel to the country. So he prepped his sailboat and sailed 85 days across the Atlantic

Here you go:
Coronavirus couldn't keep a son away from his 90-year old father. The New York Times reported that a 47-year old man on an island off Portugal sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for 85 days to reach his aging father in Argentina.
Juan Manuel Ballestero began his sea voyage in mid-March, after Argentina canceled all international passenger flights due to the growing pandemic, the Times said. He couldn't bear enduring the global crisis away from his family and his aging father, so he said he loaded his 29-foot sailboat with canned tuna, fruit and rice and began his ocean journey from the small Portuguese island of Porto Santo.
Ballestero is an experienced sailor from a seafaring family. He bought his sailboat in 2017 with the goal of fulfilling of carrying out the advice an experienced fisherman had given him: “Go see the world.” And so he did.
According to the Times, Portuguese authorities warned Ballestero before the trip that he might not be able to return, and friends tried to talk him out of it, to no avail. Ballestero was determined. Faith helped him overcome the challenges of loneliness, danger, hunger, and fuel shortages, and taught him "lots of humility," he said.
Toward the end of his trip, after word of the voyage got out to the media, Ballestero created an Instagram account to document his adventure. He reached his home town on June 17 to much fanfare, but he had to wait 72 hours for his coronavirus test to come back negative before he was allowed to see his family.
“What I lived is a dream,” Ballestero said afterward.


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