Jun 15, 2020

only some rules don't apply to millionaires in Israel

Millionaires, or Billionaires (depending which article you believe), are allowed to break Israel's official rules, but only some of them. Some rules are reserved only for the politicians to break.

According to TOI and Ynet, despite their being an official ban on non-Israelis entering the country, an exception was granted to the son of a m/billionaire who wanted to come visit Israel - specifically to visit his girlfriend (model and actress Yael Shelbia) and his brother who are each currently serving in the IDF.

The young man is Brandon Korff, the son of Shari Redstone. He was granted an exception to come to Israel to visit his brother and was told he would first have to go into quarantine immediately for two weeks and only then be able to visit his brother. Korff already knew the rules don't really apply to him, so he broke the quarantine rule immediately and went to visit his girlfriend and stay with her. By the way - No word on whether he also visited his brother.

Korff found out the hard way that millionaires and billionaires can only break some rules but not all. Visiting people against quarantine rules are reserved for people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Reuven Rivlin (and a few other politicians) who broke the isolation/lockdown rules set for the entire country and had Pesach seder with their relatives.

Korff is supposedly being deported now. So he got to visit his girlfriend, didnt even have to quarantine, and now gets to go home... Wait until his brother finds out that he came all the way to Israel and didnt even visit him!

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  1. He is a direct descendant of the Bal Shem Tov, through his father (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yitzhak_Aharon_Korff).

    Is this how they treat the Bal Shem Tov's einikel?

  2. I guess travel should be no problem for him. He should have kfitzas haderech and be able to come and go easily and quickly! :-)


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