Jun 23, 2020

the geulah of 5780

Prophets abound.

According to Actualic, Rav Mordechai Granot, the publisher of a luach, a Jewish-themed calendar, named Davar B'Ito, (with the halachic times and relevant information), has predicted that Tisha B'Av of this year, 5780, is going to be a time uniquely ripe for the geula. He explained that the calculations of the Prophet Daniel fit very well with this year.

According to the article, Rav Granot published in the 5780 calendar prior to Rosh Hashana that there would be a plague and the elderly will die from it. As well, on the calendar entry for 17 Adar he again wrote about this plague and the elderly suffering from it - and 17 Adar 5780 is when the Ministry of Health started locking down the populace of Israel with regulations due to CoronaVirus.

Regarding the solar eclipse, Rav Granot says that an eclipse in Tammuz is a sign of many wars that will take place during the year. The solar eclipse we experienced yesterday was prior to Tammuz, so hopefully we will not have wars to go through as well. We've already gone through enough this year, in my opinion.

As I always say in the face of such predictions, the only thing I can say, from his mouth to God's ears! Halevai!

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  1. Solar eclipses *always* happen at new moon (ie. Rosh Chodesh). Maybe he meant Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

  2. The source of the wars as a sign from a Tamuz solar eclipse is:
    here (left column, bottom of page)

  3. There is a lunar eclipse July 4th/5th.


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