Jun 23, 2020

Interesting Psak: going to shul without a mask

Rav Mordechai Malka, Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Elad, has issued an interesting psak in light of the spike in CoronaVirus infections and the continued spread, especially in Elad.

Rav Malka encouraged people to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health very carefully, and it falls under the mitzva of guarding one's life.

Rav Malka paskened that anyone going to shul without a mask, should not be allowed to lead the services, nor to be called up for an aliya to the Torah. Someone not careful about the mitzva of "vnishmartem" is willfully transgressing a mitzva of the Torah and should not even be allowed into the shul, and he should not be allowed to lead services or be called up to the Torah.

Rav Malka said, just like a person is careful to daven with a minyan and other mitzvos, one must be just as careful regarding wearing a mask.
source: Kikar

Rav Bentzion Musafi added that someone who comes to shul without a mask and refuses to put one on is a murderer and should be chased out of shul.

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