Jun 29, 2020

Tweet of the Day

weird (accidental published?), but at least they apologized...

in case you had not seen the original offensive cartoon editorial, here it is:

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  1. The whole attitude of the article is so disgusting that it really shows poor judgement.

    Staying home and reducing large activities save lives, if the Jewish community values human lives they should be the loudest proponents of life saving measures.

    If other segments of society are participating in dangerous activities by large demonstrations without social distancing, that is even more reason to be careful with social distancing.

    The cartoon is in incredibly bad taste, but so is the poem on that page.

  2. Reading the responses to the tweet in Twitter prove the Internet-age dictum: never apologize to the mob. Doing so is never enough for them and only unleashes more anger. Donald Trump knows this very well and is to be commended for holding true to this dictum.

    Even when an apology is warranted, it rarely gets you any brownie points. If you insulted an individual, apologize to them privately, but never publicly.

    There are too many examples where this holds true. One thinks it makes a Kiddush Hashem to apologize, but it often just ends up being the opposite - so my advice is to just ignore it and withstand the media/blogger pressure for a few weeks until it boils over.

    My 2 cents for the day.


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