Jun 24, 2020

Ofer Levi wants his fans to dress modestly at his concerts

According to Haredim10, performer Ofer Levi has publicized a post asking women who come to his concerts to come dressed modestly. Levi says that this is a personal request and he would appreciate if people respond positively as he wants to feel comfortable and eb able to give his all at his performances.

Levi explained in an interview that he is disgusted by pritzus. It is chilul kodesh and he cant look at such women. Levi says that for 26 years he has been doing teshuva with ups and downs, but int he past two and a half years he has gotten much stronger and frummer and is now very careful about lashon hara, guarding his eyes and not touching women. he says that when he stands on stage and sings with full intent of the song to be holy and in front of him are immodest women, he just can't.

According to the article, his fans are upset about the request.

To start, I looked for the post on his official Facebook page but could not find it. Maybe he removed it due to the backlash from his fans, or maybe it is on a different page I did not find.

Next, scrolling through his page, he publicizes a lot of concerts on the beach or near the beach. While maybe at a stadium or concert hall the request is more reasonable, but if he is performing at a beach, I am not sure what he expects from his secular audience. And if he is serious about his request, perhaps he should change the venue and perform less, or not at all, at places that are conducive for less modestly dressed women to attend.

And lastly, good for him. I am happy he is doing what he feels is right and is sensitive to things that disturb that - but instead of asking others to change, perhaps he should look for a different audience now that he is frum and "mitchazek" with sensitivities such as those that he has.

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