Jun 16, 2020

Facebook Status of the Day

I am adding Ittay's comment from the discussion on the post because it adds some info about the campaign:
I liked this comment on the post: "The message is in line with that of the Ministry of Tourism, to whit, there is no need to go abroad to enjoy yourself, everything is right here in Jerusalem. It reminds me of my cousin who used to say back in the '70s the same thing, and he would point to the bat cave in Beit Shemesh as a perfectly fine alternative to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and a whole bunch of other places like that. Why go to Rome when we have our own aqueducts, amphitheatres etc built by the same people. Until the day he died, his kids never travelled, and since then, they have not stopped!"

Personally I am a little torn. I like the ad, but I don't think of Jerusalem as the most international-like city in Israel. Personally I feel Tel Aviv is far more international than Jerusalem. Jerusalem has a special Israeli feeling to it. It does not remind me of being abroad in any way. I guess that is personal though and each person might feel differently.

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