Jun 28, 2020

The Newest Hebrew word in the dictionary

And in really important news, The Academy for the Hebrew Language has announced the now official, and proper, Hebrew word for emoji.

The new word is "simlon" - סמלון

Interestingly, the word simlon sounds like smiley, but that's not where they took it from. They re-conjugated the word "semel", which means symbol or emblem.

It should be noted that the original "official" Hebrew word for emoji was partzufon, from the word partzuf, face, but that was when emojis were just smileys. Now that they are all sorts of symbols, simlon is a more encompassing word.

I would also note that simlon is very similar sounding, though not in spelling, to simla, a dress, and just by listening one might think a simlon is a small dress. But it isn't. :-)

You can find this word and other new Hebrew words on the Academy's FB page..


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1 comment:

  1. They do sometimes have the original sound in mind. For example, the new name of Uranus is "Oron," which means "little light," but which also kind of sounds like "Uranus."


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