Jun 17, 2020

Gantz and Nissenkorn don't defend their own law proposal

The Coalition sideshow is a good comedy show.

A while back MKs Benny Gantz and Avi Nissenkorn (Kachol Lavan), before they were ministers and members of the ruling coalition of the unity government, submitted a law proposal by which a Prime Minister under indictment would be forced to resign his position.

That law proposal, presented by the Opposition, has been sitting in the system for a while, and it came to the Knesset today for a discussion regarding passage of the law.

Normally the author or authors of the proposal are meant to be available in Knesset to defend their proposal, respond to questions and attacks on it, and urge the MKs to vote for it and pass it into law.

The problem is that the authors of this proposal are now today members of good standing in the Coalition, serving in senior ministerial positions. Technically they would be defending the proposal to force their Coalition Prime Minister Netanyahu to resign the premiership. That would also put themselves out of the jobs they just got and dismantle the unity government they just formed.

So, their law proposal came to the Kensset but they didn't get up to defend it.

What a weird Knesset situation we are living through. This is going to keep us entertained for a while....

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