Jun 28, 2020

God TV taken down by the Jews

God TV's Shelanu TV station broadcasting on HOT in Israel has been under review for possibly obtaining its broadcast licence under false pretenses. When applying for the licence God TV declared that their programming is for the Christian audience in Israel, but in actuality it was targeted at Jewish Israelis.

After a period of review, the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting has decided to suspend the licence due to the targeting of Israelis in its programming.

Sadly, this time around we didn't get a great song from Mordechai Ben David. I still think "Yerushalayim is not for sale" is one of his best ever.

The subject matter is ripe for some cute jokes, like the Jews kill off their god again.. or, their god isn't as powerful as the cable TV committee... or Israel crucifies Christian God...

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  1. For interesting perspective, look at the comments on YouTube for that song. Many of the comments are from Mormons who studies at the Mormon center in Jerusalem and felt that the song unfairly targeted them. Hindsight is amazing, who even remembers the controversy around the Mormon Center 30-odd years ago

    1. I can appreciate your comment. I dont think I even knew then what was happening. I was a highs chool teen in Chicago back in 1986. I had no idea what was happening with the mormons beyond the headlines in the frum papers and the hock in yeshiva

  2. I was tickled when a lawyer friend told me recently he had advised a gentile in Utah who was buying an apartment in Yerushalayim. I asked him whether he had told his client that Yerushalayim was not for sale. Sadly, he had not.

  3. B'H, that they took it down. But, how sad that they are allowing apts., land to be sold to non-Jews. What a sin!


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