Jun 24, 2020

Screaming about the new closure on some Haredi neighborhoods

The screaming is back again.

The government led by the Health Ministry and PM Netanyahu has decided to try to get control over the surge in CoronaVirus infections. They ave decided to put a closure on certain neighborhoods that have outstanding numbers of infections. Some of the neighborhoods set to go into some sort of closure (they say it won be quite the same as last time) include several Haredi neighborhoods around the country (such as part of Elad, neighborhoods of Tiberias and maybe some others).

Some people are very upset about this closure, saying it is prejudiced against Haredim and causes people to think badly of them. Not just that, but some people are screaming that it isn't even fair because Haredim are adhering to the guidelines, even more than other sectors in Israel, so the closure isn't even deserved.

It might be true. I am willing to say that it is true, and generally the Haredi communities are being very careful about the guidelines. More or less, it does mostly appear to me as most people I see in the Haredi community are being careful, though some are not (like in any group not everyone follows the rules all the time). And maybe they are even more strict and careful about it than most people in other groups. But that does not matter. Corona is surging in some Haredi areas (along with some other non-Haredi areas as well) because in some areas they are not careful, even though in other areas they are. So the Corona surge shouldn't be dealt with in those areas just because in otgher areas they are following the rules?

I am not in favor of a closure. I don't know if it is effective or not. i will leave that to the discretion of the authorities - they know what tools are available to them and can decide which is most effective considering the situation. If they decide on some sort of closure, it is only based on the numbers of infections jumping, not because anyone is anti-Haredi. Sure, most Haredim are keeping the rules, but some aren't and they are causing the infection to spread in their areas. If you have a better solution than closure, suggest it to the relevant authorities instead of just screaming about the closure.

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