Jun 29, 2020

perplexing new Corona guidelines

All along, since the beginning of CoronaVirus, the instructions and guidelines form the Ministry of Health have been vague, contradictory, seemingly senseless at times, and vexing. 

Today's announcement of new regulations put all the previous ones to shame.

The numbers are spiking and the Corona Cabinet has been debating reversing some of the lightening of the restrictions over the past month in order to try to reign in the contagion. Today they decided some strange decisions to that end.

The Corona Cabinet today decided that wedding halls and cultural centers can continue to have events of up to 250 people, but only until July 9. And as much as possible the event should be outdoors. Between July 9 and July 31 250 will only be allowed at an outdoor event/wedding, but at an indoor wedding the limit will be 100 maximum. After July 31 the situation will be reevaluated.

So, they are worried today about the quick spread of the virus, so in two weeks the size of weddings and concerts will be limited.


If you need to limit weddings because of the virus, why not from today?

July 9 is the beginning of the "Three Weeks", so presumably there are far fewer weddings happening anyway. Mostly just Sefardi weddings. Is this discrimination? They kept it at 250 now because of the Ashkenazi weddings, but when the Ashkenazis dont care anymore they drop it to 100?

July 31 is the end of the Three Weeks. That's when it will be reevaluated - but don't they reevaluate anyway every day or every week based on the new contagion numbers?

This is just weird. Today they know it is ok enough for a 250 person wedding, but in two weeks it will be too dangerous.

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  1. It is better for the Government to give people time to make adjustments to new regulations coming into effect as oppose to the times that regulations were haphazard and confusing. Emergency orders always are put in with an expiry date, requiring renewal in order to stay in effect.

    Now that you put the dates together, it has the optics that the dates were chosen to have a minimal effect on the economy. If lack of weddings does help the numbers go down, they can take credit for something that was going to happen anyway.

  2. Alternatively, they know b'nevuah that now is OK for 250, and in 2 weeks not.
    And we all know who has nevuah nowadays.


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