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Jul 3, 2006

Call someone else!!!

In the news the past week we have been inundated with everyone “calling on Israel” to do everything from stopping the Gaza offensive (that is doing almost nothing anyway) to releasing the arrested Hamas ministers to cancel the “re-colonization” of Gaza, to you name it whatever else they claim we are doing.

I am sick of it. Stop calling on Israel to do anything. Israel should hang up the phone. We don’t want to talk to you if you call on us anymore. Find someone else to talk to.

Where are all the bleeding hearts calling on the Palestinians to release the captive soldier Gilad Shalit? Where are all the humanitarian concerned organizations and countries calling on the Palestinians to stop killing 18 year olds with a bullet in the head? Where are all the great leaders of the world calling on the Palestinians to stop supporting terror?

Why is it up to us to avert the crisis and his fate is in our hands? Hamas captured him. If they want to avert a crisis, let them release the soldier Shalit and avert the crisis? It is considered humanitarian and acceptable for them to capture and hold Gilad Shalit to no world condemnation (or at best very little), but our response is not acceptable? We are to blame for the crisis?

I am sick of it. Call someone else from now on. I am not picking up the phone any longer. And I hope Olmert hangs up as well.


  1. Of course we are to blame like e/t else. Terrible oyysh.

  2. as a follow up, in your previous post(s) you've questioned olmeret's ability to use force. Now you implicitly question his ability to sustain force.

    I wonder, has Olmeret at least satisfied your first doubt?

  3. social - exactly. always.

    dan - the brief answer to your question is I think no. I will not elaborate further at this point. Maybe I will in a separate post. I am trying (however difficult it might be, and even if sometimes it slips out) to avoid criticizing the government during these trying and difficult times. It is easy for me to sit here at my computer and give advice and say what should be done. The PM has information I do not have and has pressures I do not have. While I think he is making mistakes (as many people think) and should be doing things differently, I feel now is not the time to elaborate on that..
    Unless, of course, I find out that PM Olmert reads my blog. If that is the case, maybe it will help for me to write what he should do because then he would have an idea... :-)

  4. we should call on Israel to pull off one of their brilliant Military schemes

  5. I wish.. but I am not talking about what Olmert should do. Maybe he is planning such a move (though such moves historically tend to get the caaptive killed rather than saved..), who knows..
    This post is about the world to stop telling us we need to show restraint or pull back from the abyss or whatever. tell it to the PA now..

  6. You're 100% right. Why are WE always called upon to act with restraint/don't act at all?

    I, too, was disgusted (but not surprised) by the deafening silence around the world when Eliyahu was murdered. How terribly typical.

  7. Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.


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