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Jul 26, 2006

Nasrallah did not expect it..

So Nasrallah's intelligence was as bad as ours!! Nasrallah (or one of his people) said tonight that when they kidnapped the soldiers in the incursion and attack over the border, they did not expect such a harsh response from Israel. They expected a limited action with intense negotiation in which they would acheive their goals of freeing prisoners (and further weakening the Israeli deterrence factor).

In other words, the non-action, non-response attitude of the past few Israeli governments to terror attacks on Israeli citizens gave them the impression that we would do exactly what they wanted.

Israel finally had enough (I wonder why this time was different than other attacks, but maybe I will write about that a different time) and we attacked with the full force (or at least more force than expected) of which we are capable, or at least much greater force than Nasrallah expected. Now we are achieving return of some of our deterrence factor. Nasrallah, if he comes out of this alive and in power, will think twice before his next attack on Israel.

Today we witnessed a small demonstration. Of all places, the leftists had to go into the war zone and in front of the eyes of people who are being attacked with tens of rockets a day raining destruction on their property and threatening their lives and safety they protested against the Israeli response saying we should negotiate rather than kill innocent Lebanese.

Can you imagine that? They went into the war zone to protest the Israeli response. They were spitting in the face of all those people sitting in their bunkers and bomb shelters and saying we do not care about you. We care more about the Lebanese that we do for you.

Wouldn't it have been ironic if a Katyusha had landed in the middle of their little protest, similar to the Katyusha today landing in the mosque!

Why do I put these two seemngly separate issues together in one post?

Because these leftists protesting today were calling for negotiation and calling Israel a band of child murderers. They are upset that we did not respond the way Nasrallah thought we would respond. They are saying we should have played ball with Nasrallah. Nasrallah went and kidnapped a couple of Israelis thinking we would negotiate them back, and they are saying that that is exactly what we should have done.

If Nasrallah had achieved a successful release of the prisoners by this attack, it would have led to further attacks and kidnappings of soldiers and civillians, just as previous attacks led to this one. Nasrallah himself said they expected a limited response with intense negotiation as had occurred in previous situations.

Do they not realize that their solution is what led to this in the first place and would lead to it happening again and again? Do they not understand that? Do they prefer the citizens in the north live in fear and soldiers get kidnapped, over our responding to an attack?

To me it looks like these leftists want the same thing that Nasrallah wanted. Olmert, don't give them what they want. Keep hitting back at them, and hard. Let them know this should never happen again.

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