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Jul 30, 2006

I guest posted on..

The Daf Notes blog. Daf Notes is a blog dedicated to providing insights to the daily daf. It is very interesting and a worthwhile read for anyone learning Daf Yomi.

The authors of Daf Notes have opened a "sister" site called dafnotediscussions in which they and guest bloggers post lengthier pieces based on the daf. These articles are involving hashkafa, mussar, halacha and other issues revolving around the daf. It can be accessed via the sidebar of the DafNotes blog.

I guest posted today (last night really) on the issue of personal limits and the 1 amah space between the heichal of the beis hamikdash and the Kodesh Kodoshim.

If you are so inclined, you can check it out here


  1. thanks for the plug

  2. Hashgacho is a funny thing. This was exactly the mussar I needed to read. Thanks, Rafi.

  3. thaqnk you both for coming in and taking the time to read


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