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Jul 27, 2006

Of trees and stones (burning)

I just saw a streaming video of the news in which a Katyusha fell in the area of Kiryat Shmona and the fields had caught fire and trees were burning down. The reporter said that in the past few days over 500,000 trees had been destroyed by Katyushas raining down on them (rather than given life by water raining down on them -my addition). He described some of the other physical destructions that have been experienced along the northern border of Israel as well.

This brought to mind a thought. There is a gemara in Kedushin that explains a passuk in tehillim that we thank Hashem because HaShem vented His anger on stones and wood, on the Beis Hamikdash, rather than on Jewish people. Had HaShem poured his wrath on the bnei yisrael, the Jews would have ceased to exist as a nation. Instead He only destroyed the Temple, thus sparing the Jewish nation.

What is happening now in Israel is very similar (and during the three weeks no less!). Hashem is puring out His wrath on stones and trees. Houses are being destroyed. Trees are burning to the ground. Cars are being flattened. Deaths and injuries have been minimal (not to minimize death and injuries, and all those hurt should heal quickly and those killed should find their places in Gan Eden), but the physical destruction has been great.

Hashem must be angry about something. We should fix our ways. We should do teshuva. We must thank Him for taking out His wrath on the physical aspects and not on the people, and take this message from Him to repent and live properly.

Something to think about.


  1. It defintely is something to think about. Powerful thoughts. I can't imagine seeing destruction like that in E"Y. It seems like zman Moshiach is close at hand. B"H more people are davening and even our "brothers" in the non-Shulchan Aruch-based forms of todays' Judaism are also supporting Israel.

  2. Check out Isaiah 33. I read it in my JPS Tanak last night, and it really struck me. Today, I decided to check out a few other translations just to compare and I found that the "destroyer" Isaiah speaks of is translated as none other than Assyria! This portion (vs 7-12) especially hit home re: current events:

    But now your ambassadors weep in bitter disappointment, for Assyria has refused their petition for peace. Your roads are deserted; no one travels them anymore. The Assyrians have broken their peace pact and care nothing for the promises they made before witnesses. They have no respect for anyone. All the land of Israel is in trouble. Lebanon has been destroyed. The plain of Sharon is now a wilderness. Bashan and Carmel have been plundered. But the LORD says: "I will stand up and show my power and might. You Assyrians will gain nothing by all your efforts. Your own breath will turn to fire and kill you. Your people will be burned up completely, like thorns cut down and tossed in a fire.

    The chapter ends with promises of Moshiach. :) Baruch haShem, zman Moshiach IS close at hand!!!

  3. Terrible I actually heard about it. Good to think about.


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