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Jul 2, 2006

New glasses

I just got my new glasses. I thought I needed a new prescription so I went to a local optometrist and got my eyes checked. It turned out my prescription stayed exactly the same it has been. She told me I might just need new glasses because my lenses were very scratched up.

She gave me a quote for new lenses. They were ridiculously priced. The cost for purchasing new glasses would have cost me between 3800 NIS and 6000 NIS, depending specifically on which level of lenses I would choose. I was not in the mood to go to the bank to take a second mortgage on my home just to get new glasses, so I decided to wait.

A friend of mine told me in conversation about a website he got his glasses on. I asked for some details and he told me he knows a few people who did it and they were all happy so he tried it and it was fine. He got new glasses cheap, for like $15.

I decided I would try it. I figured the risk was worth it. At worst, the glasses would come back the wrong size and maybe a bad prescription and I would have added $15 to the cost of new glasses, but if it came out ok, I would have saved a bucketload of money.

I checked out the website. I sorted through lots of pairs of glasses until I found the frames I wanted that were the right size. They tell you exactly how to measure so you know what size to look for. Then I chose lenses with free coatings. Because of my prescription and multifocal lenses, my glasses cost $62. A little more of a risk, but still worth it I thought.

I finished placing the order and about 2 days later I see the status of my order is “shipped”. This past Friday, about 2.5 weeks later, I got a notice in the mail that we have a package in the post office. My wife went to pick it up and sure enough it was my glasses!

I tried them on and they fit fine. I tried to look out of them and sure enough I could see! It took some time getting used to, as I was used to bifocals with a line and these are transitional multi-focal lenses, but after a little bit of time, I felt comfortable in them.

I spent $62 instead of between $800 and $1200 on glasses. I can’t believe people want to actually ban the internet!!


  1. Nu...so what is the site?

  2. www.goggles4u.com

    caveat: for me the savings were great.. everybody should make their own calculations to see if it is worthwhile for them...

  3. even without the internet, there are always places that quadruple the price and places that'll sell it cheaper. In fact, here in the states, most do not purchase at the Drs. office as the markup is known to be much greater than at a glasses store.

  4. Cool find! Lucky you liked them and they fit. You are so right those fools for trying to ban the internet haha.

  5. No kick back for referals? I'm trying to compare this with your post about going to the dentist...
    What's the mussar haskil?
    You wrote: "I thought I needed a new prescription so I went to a local optometrist and got my eyes checked. It turned out my prescription stayed exactly the same it has been. She told me I might just need new glasses because my lenses were very scratched up."

    Maybe you're really trying to say that at times in our lives we think the we need a major change in how were preceive things. It's not so much that we've changed, but over the years our views a have been "scratched up." I'd say that a fresh outlook for only $62 is a lot cheaper that seats for the Yamim Noraim. Brilliant post!

  6. How do you give them your needed prescription? If it is so simple to say we have a prescription, where does it end? Can I order morphine from an on-line pharmacy?

    Seriosuly. I am very interested - so I got to get my eyes checked again - get a prescription - and just order? They'll 'believe' any prescription I tell them? Sounds to good to be legal!


  7. Neil - great lesson. Thanks for that.

    Dalet - no longer anonymous? Mazel tov! First of all, morphine is different, as is all medication, because it can be dangerous to take medication that is not prescribed. If you wear glasses that are the wrong prescription, what is the worst that wil happen, you will get a headache? you will not see well enoguh and have to get new glasses?
    People do not get highs from wearing glasses with the wrong prescription, so what does one gain by ordering glasses with a made up prescription?

    Second, some sites require seeing the prescription to order glasses, and some require the prescription to be from a doctor that is a member of some optical org. I do not remember the details, but I remember there were some restrictions. This site did not require it..

    Third, if you find a place to order that morphine, let me know...

  8. It is blogs like this that make me proud to be in computers. --tear--
    In all seriousness, the internet is still very underrated, especially in israel. If it weren't for the fact that tashlumim are still difficult on the internet, I think i would have bought my house and job on the internet...

  9. awwwww [tear]

    I would as well

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