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Jul 14, 2006

Iran willing to pay

According to Israel Army Radio, Iran's president Crazy Ahmed (ahmadinajad) has just made the offer that Iran would pay to repair any damage in Lebanon caused by Israel.

That is good news. You see, when we blew up the electric company of Gaza, Israel ended up with egg on its face and agreed to give electricity for free to Gaza and to help in the rebuilding of the electric grid. Now, with Iran's latest offer, we have nothing to worry about in Lebanon. We can do as much damage as we want. Iran will pay for it, not us.

As a matter of fact, I would suggest we increase our bombing and do much more damage. We should try to bankrupt Iran, while we are at it. The mroe damage we do, the more Iran has to pay!


  1. I do not know you but I feel sorry for you and your hateful ways. I'm sure you feel justified in your comments but please take into account that "crazy Ahmed" is not the voice of the Iranian people. I surely hope yours is not the voice of the Israelis.

  2. ezzie - I think so as well. thanks.

    anonymous - I was not aware that Iranians do not think like him. I thought they elected him becase they agree with him. We definitely do not hear anything of him or his vies other than the craziness he speaks against Israel. Let me tell you, I am fairly moderate on the right wing side of Israel. Israel is a democracy, so we have all sorts of people who think all sorts of different opinions, from far left wing to far right wing. No one person can ever be the voice of Israelis, though in the world press, Ahmadinejad certainly is portrayed as being the voice of the Iranians.

  3. You are right about that unfortunately. I am an Iranian-American living in America. I understand that fully. Yes, he was voted in by Iranians but our country's "democratic" voting system is so skewed there is no telling what really happnend. I know that most Iranians that I communicate with neither voted for or had family or neighbors who voted for the backwards neandrothal. In Iran, you obviously can't voice dissent openly or maybe you would hear differntly. Don't forget that the Ayatollah Qhomayne initially brought this atmosphere of a mute population with his regime. For a long time he was the voice of our country and we are still suffering from it's vibrations.

  4. I am sorry that opposition voices are silenced in Iran. It must not be easy to live with that on your heads..
    Here, we have been attacked on two fronts - the Palestinians on the southern border, and the Lebanese on the northern border. Most people, no matter how moderate they normally are, are very upset and feel that we need to strike back harshly to stop such attacks and to deter them from happening again in the future. We want to live peacefully and have made tremendous attempts at creating a peace in the area. Maybe we can do more, I do not now. The other side has done little other than cause more fights and less peace, no matter how much we try.

    People are now upset and even moderates want us to strike back harshly. Yet, despite that general feeling in the majority of the people, you will still see images in the media of left wing groups protesting against their own government.

  5. Funny one, let's see how long that will last.

  6. let me know when you think that armed tactics would help in countering terrorism.
    If thats the case the you been 'trying' for the last 50 odd years.
    The only way out is rooting out the issue not the means.

  7. jass - sounds great. so how do you go about rooting out the issue? Every other country uses violent means to root out the issue - look at what the USA has done to Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at how Russia dealt with the Chechens. Look at how Iraq dealt with Kurds. Look anywhere else a state considered something terrorism and how did they deal with it. Find me one situation the state did not use force against the terrorists and I would like to see is the means were successful or not.
    If you can show me how to succeed wityhout force, I will be a supporter.

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