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Jul 6, 2006

Resettling Gaza?

This is one of the best articles I have read recently. Love him or hate him, Baruch Marzel definitely thinks out of the box and is willing to do the unusual.

Baruch Marzel has proposed that now that everyone has seen the folly of the disengagement, and everyone sees that the Northern Gaza settlements were crucial as a buffer zone so rockets would not hit Ashkelon, and the Nissanit region to protect Sderot, he claims it is a good opportunity to resettle those areas. Obviously this is the first step in his agenda to resettle the whole Strip.

I do not know why we need to put people in the firing line in order to protect other people. In other words, that should not be the reason to resettle the Gaza Strip. To protect Askelon and Sderot the army needs to destroy the ability to shoot the rockets and on the diplomatic side the desire for quiet (on the side of the Arabs – we already showed how much we want it by the original disengagement) should be pushed. Resettling Gaza, if you believe it should be done, should be done for the purpose of settling the Land of Israel.

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