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Jul 9, 2006

New JMusic album out!!


I have decided to make this into a sticky post (meaning it will stay on the top as the first post) for a week. I will reevaluate at that point...


First of all, mazel tov to my wife. She composed two of the songs on this new album and they are great, as is the whole album. Now on to the news…

Simchat Yechiel, run by my friend Ephrayim Naiman, is an organization that sponsors community events for adults and children in Ramat Bet Shemesh, These “events” include, but is not limited to; shiurim, activities, various gmachim, lectures, bike safety instruction, among others.. One of the many great things it sponsors is a choir called Kol B’Rama. This is a choir that consists of local boys and is run by an accomplished musician and choir instructor named Shalom Kinnory and managed by Ephrayim Naiman.

Kol B’Ramah just released their first album. I am biased because my wife composed two of the songs on the album, but I think the album is great. I would even be so bold as to say it is much better than much of the music other boys choirs have on the market. And not just the two songs my wife composed, but the whole album is full of great songs.

I will not write more than this, but will let you decide for yourself. Information about the choir and organization can be gleaned from here and music sample clips can be listened to here. You can order disks via their website as well.

Go ahead and check it out. I am sure you will be happy you did..


  1. I listened to every song just b/c you said your wife composed 2 songs. Very nice stuff. I don't like very many jewish songs. Curious as to which 2 songs. Please do tell!! Mazel tov to her she must be very talented.

  2. yes, she is. in many areas..
    sim shalom and b'shem..

  3. Great Songs. Of course, Hafachta, is Rashi...one has to be respectful.
    Hope it sells!!

  4. feel free to buy one :-)
    there is a link on the website to buy a cd...

  5. Rafi, I really like Sim Shalom. You should have tons of Nachas from the whole Family. (and thanks for stopping by)

  6. YAY!
    My son is in the choir! The last solo on the video clip is him.
    UNCLE EZ--whad'ya think? Are you going to buy one?

  7. eema - mazel tov! on the great soloist and on your new blog! Make Ez buy one and make him get all his friends to buy one!

  8. Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.


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