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Jul 6, 2006

A diplomatic solution? I think not

Ynet had this article in which Abu Marzuk calls (in the name of Mashaal sort of) on Israel to come to a diplomatic solution for the return of Shalit. He says Israel should realize there is no other way and only a diplomatic solution will bring a resolution to the return of Shalit.

I wrote the following in the Talkback section on the article:
Meshaal says the only solution to the problem is a diplomatic solution. Who is he kidding? He did not wait for diplomatic solutions to the problem. He could have negotiated in the peace process and worked out deals in which these prisoners would be released. After all, we released many others, there is no reason we would not eventually agree to release these. Yet Meshaal did not work for a diplomatic solution. He blew up buses and coffee shops. He terrorized Israel. Now his men under his command invaded Israeli territory and killed soldiers and kidnapped a soldier and took him hostage. That is a diplomatic solution? Get it through your head Meshaal. if you don't want a diplomatic solution, we don't need one either. We will search after you until we find you and we will kill you when we do. You are the "Ace of Hearts" in our "deck of cards". And we will continue to pound Gaza until the non-diplomatic solution works.

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