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Jul 12, 2006

News junky

If one is a “news junky”, Israel is definitely the place to be. It never seems to be boring and quiet here. Today the action is intensifying again. What happened today?

Well, the Kassems in the south, with more flying over the border and residents of the Western Negev are being told to stay indoors. Then there is the Gaza crisis with the IDF splitting Gaza in two, which is a very serious step. Then there is the near assassination of top terrorist Mohammed Deif. Moving up north we have increased activity on the Lebanese border, as Hizbollah has decided to start attacking Israel again. Then we have the recent newsbreak about the problems President Katzav is mired in, with claims of sexual harassment coming out of the woodwork. Now Hezbollah just claimed 2 soldiers have been abducted from the Northern border (that claim will now be checked by the Israel security services). MK Sofia Landver has just been censured for stealing a plant from a colleagues (MK Ruhama Avraham) office (yes, this seems kind of mundane, but it is so weird I added it anyway).

And it is only 10:45 in the morning! How much more interesting can the day get???

Just add “Never boring” to the list of reasons to make aliyah.

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