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Jul 30, 2006

Did we or didn't we?

I do not understand what is going on. Our government via the media keeps announcing its great successes in the war/conflict/mud wrestling/arm wrestling going on up north. We keep hearing how the air force took out this battery of Katyusha launchers or that one. We took out this stronghold of Hezbollah or that one. We have pushed them further away from the border, we destroyed this town, we killed the head of this division, we took out x number of Hezbollah fighter..

Very nice. But why is there no letup of the Katyusha rockets being fired upon Israel?

With all the great successes Israel has been announcing, you'd think Hezbollah's capabilities would by now have been greatly impaired and they would not be able to fire so much upon Israel. Yet, they have been fiing a steady and consistent 100 or so rockets per day.

How can it be? Are all these announcements simply propoganda so we think the war is being conducted properly and successfully? Are Hezbollah's capabilities much greater (still) than we assumed and are assuming?

I do not understand if we have made any progress in this war or not.


  1. It's too horrible to consider, but maybe Nasrallah is telling the truth this time: maybe we really haven't accomplished anything. This is truly depressing.

  2. it is depressing and it is a frightening thought. It is still too early to tell which side is more propoganda and which side is more truth, but this will need to be considered and we will ahve to evaluate what the cause of the failure is/was...

  3. To the best of my knowledge no missiles were fired on Haifa today. This would seem to inicate that Hezbollah cannot fire longer range misilles which is a good thing.

  4. bluke - I hope you are right...

  5. i asked my brother in israel that same question first thing motzei shabbos.

    is there documented amount of rockets and shot to which location daily?

    maybe we can learn something ourself by examining the data.

  6. 18:11 Gov`t source: IDF has destroyed two thirds of Hezbollah`s long-range missiles (Reuters)

  7. The accomplishments are best measured spiritually, because our victory and our salvation comes from above.

  8. The government is saying and the facts seem to bear this out that most of their long range missiles have been destroyed. Yesterday they fired 140 missiles 100 of them at Kiryat Shmona which is very short range.

  9. avromi - there must be somewhere...
    avromi - I hope that is accurate but we have said it before...

    shanah - thank you for making it clear and the chizuk. my only problem is that they say it too (they even call themselves the army of God (Hezbollah)...)

    bluke - again, I hope that is accurate and our information is correct...

  10. Hezbollah's rocket attacks into Israel, meanwhile, diminished. Hezbollah fired just 10 rockets across the border Tuesday, well below an average of about 100 a day since fighting began.


  11. hope so.. the past couple of days have been quieter. I really hope that we are actually decimating hezbollah and not just saying it...


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