Nov 7, 2010

Debate Between Rabbi Daniel Gordis and Mr. Peter Beinart on Zionism's Relevance

Last week Holy Blossom Temple, a Reform Temple in Toronto, hosted a debate between Rabbi Daniel Gordis and Mr. Peter Beinart. The debate was on the topic of Zionism and the connection between it and the younger generation of American Jews, and the question of how North American Jews view Israel - as the national homeland or as a harmful entity.

Both speakers are passionate and well versed, and the debate is well worth watching, if you have 2 hours to spare!

Holy Blossom Temple - Rabbi Daniel Gordis / Peter Beinart Debate - Full from Holy Blossom on Vimeo.


  1. Earn money from homeNovember 07, 2010 2:37 PM

    Daniel Gordis is not a "Rabbi" Rafi. He may be a leader of some sort in the Conservative movement, but since when are you giving them credence.

  2. thats the title he uses, I have no problem with it. Even Rav Moshe Feinstein called Reform and Conservative rabbis "Rabbi"..he uses the term (albeit disparagingly) in sefer igros moshe

  3. I cannot believe that after such a worthwhile debate of the issues, the only comment made is one defaming Gordis. How vacuous and small minded of Earn Money... Back Beinart. Briefly in his opening statement he worries that Israeli policies are alienating American Jewsih young people from supporting the State. He claims they have no interest because Israel does not give democratic rights and oppresses Palestinians under the occupation. I believe so many of these young people don't care about Israel because they have been raised in homes that are from mixed marriages where Judaism, Jewishness and Israel are never on the agenda. And if not from mixed marriages they are from so deeply assimilated homes and backgrounds that Israel is not a homeland to them. Beinart gives way too much credit to internal Israeli policies for the alienation of American Jewish youth.


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