Nov 7, 2010

Fishel Berkovitz, the Biggest Loser's Haredi participant, speak up (video)

Fishel Berkovitz, the male portion of the Haredi couple that has been participating in Israel's reality television program "The Biggest Loser - Couples", has granted an interview to Bechadrei.

Whatever happened in the program, we don't yet know. It is airing now, but was filmed a while ago (I think 6 months ago), and Fishy cannot say anything about it until the program finishes airing. However, one can see in the interview that he clearly lost a lot of weight. Whether or not he won the competition I dont know, and is really less important (though I hope he did), but at least we know he lost tons of weight (pun intended) and he sounds like he is on the path to keeping it off and staying healthy.

Kol hakavod to the Berkowitz family for having the courage to do what they felt they needed to do even though they  knew others would not like it and approve.

ראיון פישי ברקוביץ from bhol on Vimeo.

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