Nov 1, 2010

Interesting Psak: Building or Sleeping

In Beitar Ilit they are very worried, as they are in many areas and communities, that the construction freeze can and might be renewed at any given moment. With a debilitating housing crisis happening, and the freeze causing tremendous loss of money to people who signed on houses, along with losses to kablanim, a solution was needed to avoid, as much as possible, the possibility of everything being frozen again at a moments notice. Not only that, but the plot in question was originally under construction by the Heftsiba company, that eventually went bankrupt a few years ago and the property remained untouched, despite the buyers having paid for their homes.

The kablanim got permission, due to the exceptional situation, to build at unusual hours - all night long. This despite the fact that the noise is keeping people awake at night, and is normally illegal at the wee hours of the night.

Residents who are disturbed, and whose children are disturbed by the noise and cannot sleep, also went to the city beis din and requested the kablanim be told not to build during those hours.

The beis din considered the situation and the claims, and came to a decision that they publicized. The beis din paskened that the neighbors should take into account the families who are in crisis, who are at risk of not having a roof over their heads, and they should accept the burden of the disturbance with understanding, and they should not do anything to prevent the work.

The beis din continued that the unusual work is only short-term, for a week, and the knowledge that carrying this burden for this period of time will definitely help tens of families who have suffered for a few years with concern about the houses they bought.

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