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Feb 19, 2012

Baby Name Is Worth 10,000 NIS

How much would you pay to have someone use your preferred name when naming their baby? How much would you charge to sell the rights to name your baby?

When someone was recently selling the rights to name a baby in the Yated, the price was not advertised. it seemed to have been sold to the highest bidder.

As the trend continues, this time the price is pre-determined. An organization advertised in the Yom L'Yom newspaper that they are looking for someone willing to name their baby Shabsai in exchange for 10,000 NIS. They are even ok with the person adding their own selected name as a second name.

According to the Bechadrei reporter who checked into the ad, a fellow died and left over this money for people who would agree to name their baby after him, and they, the middlemen, are looking for "avreichim bnei torah" who would do so.

"She'yihiyeh b'mazal tov"


  1. wow, abba and imma are going to have to really put some thought in how they are going to explain this one to junior.

    "abba" why am i named "ploni". "because someone paid me 10,000 shekels". "oh you mean anything for money?"

    um, well, hold on . . . .

  2. Why don't they call him "10,000shekel" for short?

  3. Does it have to be a New baby named Shabtai? Are existing Shabtais eligible?

  4. i would change my name for 10000 shekel where do i sign up?

  5. Why don't they call him "10,000shekel" for short?

    Yes, Asseret does have a nice ring to it?

  6. I wonder if they would mind if the name chosen for the second name would be "Tzvi"..

  7. I wonder if they would mind if the name chosen for the second name would be "Tzvi".. .



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