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Feb 14, 2012

A Visit From The Dead

A story came in to Ladaat.net, after having been told by the "Elyashiv House Spokesman", Shlomo Kook, who also says that many stories have come in to them over the past few days, but this story is especially unique.

The story goes that a woman from Bet Shemesh was visited in her dream on Saturday night by her recently deceased father. In this visit, he asked her what is going on that there are so many prayers coming up to heaven from the world. He said that it seems the heavens are filled with prayers.

She responded to her father, in her dream, that all those prayers are because of Rav Elyashiv , as the Jewish nation is united in praying for his recovery. He responded to her , "Now all is understood", and then he disappeared.

Make of it what you will or won't, and learn whatever lesson you want from it..


  1. if it was a daughter of rabbi germain i wouldn't be surprised. there have already been multiple dream sightings of him one of which has been to a prominent rosh yeshiva who doesn't really go for this stuff. He apparently came to him in a dream and let him know that the money needed for his yeshiva will be donated the next day and it was.

  2. Paging Rod Serling...

  3. no such thing as "especially unique". something is either unique or not. there are no adjectives for the word uniqiue.

    I pick on that only because the rest of the content of the story is bullshit.

  4. apparently my grammar may be better than my typing. oh well, maybe I'll dream about it becoming better

  5. Good story and many lessons have been validated through dreams. This is a venue of how the dead communicate with the living.

    If you don't like the message then just yawn...yet realize there is truism to these encounters.

  6. magic mushrooms anyone?


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