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Feb 20, 2012

Interesting Posts #359

Interesting Posts #359

1. Rabbis Letting Their Hair Down

2. The Top 15 Facts They Forgot To Tell You About Aliyah

3. A Challenge To The Zionists About Calling Chareidim To Join The Army

4. Why not Be A Noachide

5. The Shabbat Jerusalem Got Snowed In

6. Does Rav Chaim Kanievsky Want The Web To Be His Spokesman? - I agree, and extend it to newspapers, pashkevils, posters, and even quotes by people who did not hear it firsthand from Rav Chaim himself (and even then..).

7. They Have Money For This?

8. Dying To Help - interesting idea comparing it to organ donation..

9. The Job of a Leader Pilot

10. Rami Levi vs Cellcom, Round 1

11. The OU Wants You To Move To Houston. They Are Wrong. - I would agree completely if Rabbi Spolter was saying that one should move to Israel and not encourage moving to other cities in the US. Comparing Houston to Michigan is pointless, in my opinion. The OU isn't saying to move to Houston because it is such a wonderful place and a Jewish community should be started there. [I assume] They are encouraging people to move there because they want to strengthen small Jewish communities. It is irrelevant if Michigan is better than Houston in some ways, or even in every way. The OU has decided the Houston community needs help - other communities benefits are not relevant to that discussion. Michigan might be a great place, and perhaps people looking to move within the United States should consider it, but that has nothing to do with the OU's initiative.

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  1. "A Challenge To The Zionists About Calling Chareidim To Join The Army"

    Don't know the difference between Halacha and Minhag? Feh


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