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Feb 16, 2012

PA TV song - Jaffa and Haifa are in my country Palestine (video)

PA TV song - Jaffa and Haifa are in my country Palestine


  1. I understand the concern here, that the Palestinians are NOT satisfied with the West Bank and Gaza. They want all of Israel.

    All this means though is that they consider the land from the river to the sea to be their homeland. They feel cut off from people/places they love.

    But the song itself shouldn't be taken as "threatening", like other videos from PMW. No one waved a gun. No one talked about getting rid of Jews or dismantling the State of Israel. It's a completely reasonable thing for them to express longing for places they feel an attachment to and see as their homeland.

    Of course, what to actually do about the Palestinian desire to return (however reasonable that desire is) is a tough question. But I would suggest that unless we can figure out a way to do it peacefully (in a way that properly addresses Israeli security concerns), then the same singer may eventually sing this song brandishing a weapon.

    In other words, this problem ain't going away.

  2. "In other words, this problem ain't going away."

    I'm becoming more and more convinced that the only sollution is to anex the land, make the people there citizens, and set up more local governments within the greater Israeli goverment, creating 12 states across all of Israel, rather than trying to create two countries.

    More like the United States, or the United Kingdom, than the Balkans

  3. David Meir, I think it very naive to take this video as benign sentiment. You think the return they are advocating is peaceful and coexistent?

    Rafi - the problem isn't that they perform such songs. The problem is that we no longer do so. The songs I recall of the 50s, 60s, and still a bit in the 70s were often about the Land of Israel and our connection to it. When's the last time you heard a song with sentiments like 'Ein Gedi' or 'Yerushalayim Shel Zahav' written and performed?


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