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Feb 21, 2012

The Life of Rav Elyashiv (video)

Avishai Ben-Chaim of Channel 10 ran a special report on Rav Elyashiv on last night's news to describe what Rav Elyashiv means to the public.

The report shows images of Rav Elyashiv in different settings; learning, answering questions, riding through the small alleyways near his house in his golf cart and giving blessings. The question asked at about 2 minutes in is an interesting question - unfortunately they didn't show him answering it.


  1. If you are talking about the davening question, it also relates to the international dateline question. I don't know what Rav Elyashiv answered, but according to the Star-K guidelines for travelers, "Halachos relating specifically to the time of day are not affected by crossing the Dateline. For example, if one davens Shacharis on Monday morning on a plane flying westbound, and crosses the Dateline "into" Tuesday morning, one does not daven Shacharis again"

  2. the video is fine, but don't open the video on the israeli new site! the images there are treif!


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