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Feb 27, 2012

Partitions On El Al Flight To Block Movies

A few days ago on an El Al flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv some passengers pulled out some sort of fold-up cardboard partitions and connected them to their seats, seemingly to prevent themselves from seeing the video screen. After a passenger complained about it, various security experts have said that harming the visibility inside an airplane is a security breach, and blocking visibility of emergency lights and signals is also dangerous.

For it's part, El Al said there was no security breach during the incident, though they will review the incident and refresh all security protocols and responses to behaviors with the staff. A stewardess from the flight confirmed that the incident had happened and added that it is not new and they tend to prefer to ignore it unless someone complains. (source: Mako)

After the Hiddush organization protested to El Al on their Facebook page, El Al responded that this was an exception that was against the rules of the company... because of the incident an internal investigation is being conducted and directives are being refreshed - the staff are requested to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Some people are just crazy. There seems to be no end to the craziness. They could put blinders on to block their personal view. It is very selfish to put up partitions like that that block other peoples views as well. Where do people get the idea that doing such strange things is normal and acceptable. If a person wants to behave strangely in his personal life, dress strange, act strange, that's one thing. To be strange in public, at other people's expense, is just weird and I don't know why they think this is what Judaism wants from them.


  1. There's a guy from Bne Brak who I recall advertizing the distribution of such partitions for use on airlines so that the recipient could avoid seeing movies.

  2. Actually Rafi, El Al is inconsiderate. And that's an understatement. I recall being appalled this summer at the movie selected for the big screen - completely inappropriate for children as well as religious adults. Ther are much cleaner chpices the airline can make - they know their clientelle well enough.

  3. (A different Anonymous)

    Why didn't they simply put the partition on top of the main screen? That would have solved the problem without security concerns.

  4. Actually these Chareidim are ignoring the words of Chazal who said that the eyelids were created in order to act as blinders when something inappropriate is visible. By using blinders they are saying that what God gave them isn't good enough!

    However, there is an opportunity here. How about instead of cardboard we sell them black plastic bags with a drawstring so that they can be fastened securely at the neck? It'll get rid of the problem for them AND us at the same time.

  5. Not that I support this crazy distortion of Judaism... the way they see it is that the movie is being shown in order to enforce secularism on them. They are therefore justified to fight back. Only they have got it all wrong and are caught up in a group paranoia. Hopefully one day this distorted ideology will go the way of the Dead Sea sect.

  6. Miriam - I dont disagree. we had a bad experience with a European airline and I know what a problem it can be. I dont think the answer is sticking cardboard boxes up over the seats

  7. Why don't chareidim just start their own airline?

  8. While I agree that the cardboard screens are mad, and probably a security hazard, I can fully understand why the haredim feel the need to put them up. I was very uncomfortable on a recent flight, with scenes of scantily clad pole dancers and a couple rolling around on a bed, on the tv screen.
    A better solution would be to have a section of the plane where you could chose to have the screen turned off. (Like the old smoking/non-smoking section). It could be automatic, booked together with mehadrin meals. They could all juggle seats together there to make sure that men never sit beside women.
    While the cardboard partitions are ridiculous, the haredim are making their point that it's time for some proper arrangement to be made by the airline, if they insist on screening movies.


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