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Feb 22, 2012

Picture Of The Day

Picture Of The Day

illustrative picture from Ynet about the Supreme Court decision to not renew the Tal Law
As was pointed out to me, the faces of these yeshiva boys were pixelated and blurred out. Clearly Ynet has become a mehadrin newspaper and refuses to show non-tzniyus images.. :-)


  1. I would guess the blurred faces are a security matter, i.e. the IDF not wanting the faces of soldiers to be too easily identified. Also army service isn't exactly 100% accepted in Haredi circles. Perhaps the blurring could be to protect these men's reputation in their community, when they return after service.

    If the later it is telling of the reasons why the Tal law was never really successful in getting large numbers of Haredi men to serve.

  2. I almost wish it was a tzniut issue.

    Apparently being photographed as a yeshiva bachur coming out of a Tzahal office is like being caught with one's proverbial pants down. (Even if they were actually there getting yeshiva deferments!)

  3. Is there a law protecting minors in Israel? Since they're about 17-18 when they're first drafted and apply for the deferment, maybe the news site has to blur their faces for legal reasons, just like they can't publicize the name of a minor.

  4. Not sure what is interesting about the photo.

    My memory of Lishkat HaGiyus in J'lem (many years ago) was that it was full of guys in white shirts /black pants. Many of them waiting for their deferment (some prententding to have psychological problems - looked like extras in "one Flew Over the Cuckoos nest).

  5. there are two things interesting about it:
    1. the news item it represents of the Tal Law being cancelled
    2. the blurred faces (this is only interesting in a humorous way)

  6. POTD? Gimme a break!February 22, 2012 1:15 PM

    Oh please, the lishkat gayus is always full of yeshiva guys and for most that is the first and last time they'll see the army

  7. Israeli papers blur faces a lot- generally anyone who didn't give approval to have their pictures published. That's all.


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