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Feb 15, 2012

The Shuk: Finding What You Are Looking For

I have gotten some feedback about The Shuk from various readers, and I am impressed. They have a great range of products, and operate in a wide range of sections of the country. I initially thought that their operation is limited to "anglo strongholds", such as Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Modiin and some other large cities as well with reasonable numbers of anglos.

Sure enough , looking around the website a bit, I noticed that they operate all over the place, and not just on small items. Here is someone selling his car on The Shuk. This seller is located in Kfar Saba, and someone else is located in Kochav Yair.

With such a wide range of items available, and in so many parts of the country, a potential buyer is sure to find what he is looking for!


  1. They scan other lists. A while back, I posted an aron I was selling on the Modiin and Beit Shemesh lists, as well as Yad2. "The Shuk" sent me an email asking if they can post it on their site as well.

  2. Yoni,

    Who cares how they have such a wide range of products, the point is that they have them!

  3. and if you gave them permission, it seems to me to be a win-win. they get the listing, you are getting a wider audience for no extra listing fee...

  4. I couldn't agree more, I just bought a recliner from the shuk the shuk last week and I'm delighted with the deal I got. Who cares where the shuk got it from, as long as I got a great deal?

  5. To clarify, my comment wasn't meant to be pejorative. I was just mentioning one of the ways they get listings. I actually think it's a great idea, and shows that they know their competition and are serious.


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