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Feb 22, 2012

Naturally Conceived Rare Triplets Born In Jerusalem

With the new always filled with controversy, argument, fear, and violence, a story like this is a breath of fresh air - a welcome respite and an uplifting item.

A couple from Maaleh Adumim just had triplets. That alone is not newsworthy. What is newsworthy about this miracle is that the triplets were naturally conceived, itself unusual, and all three shared the same placenta making all three identical - a point which makes their successful birth an even rarer occurrence.

When the pregnancy was first discovered and it was realized that the mother was bearing triplets connected to one placenta, the doctors encouraged her to abort or at least do some pruning - trim the baby count and get rid of one or two. They said that the chances are very high that none will survive, and if they do there could be very serious birth defects.

The parents decided not to heed the doctors' advice and decided to go ahead with the pregnancy as usual.  "As usual" is an understatement. With such a high risk pregnancy she was constantly monitored and examined. Last Thursday, in week 34 of her pregnancy, after the doctors saw one of the fetuss (feti?) in distress, she gave birth via Cesarean Section to all three healthy, albeit small, babies. Each kid weighs 1.5kg. The boys are going by the names a, b and c until they reach an appropriate weight to get their circumcisions. The parents, married just under two years, now have 4 children younger than the age of 1. (source: Ynet)

I wish the parents mazal tov and much luck and success. they are going to have a tough year, let alone 18 years, ahead of them...


  1. "Naturally Conceived". Is that what they're calling it these days?

  2. lol.. i wanted to be clear because when hearing "triplets" people almost always assume fertility treatments...

  3. I realize the first comment is a joke, but to many women, it's not funny. The preferred term is "spontaneous conception." ART stands for assisted reproductive treatment, not artificial.

    ("Natural" is a very loaded term.)

  4. They're extremely lucky the kids all appear healthy. Premature births and multiples have a very high rate of developmental delays and serious disorders like cerebral palsy.

  5. "4 kids under the age of 1"

    That guy is gonna be losing his hair a lot faster now.


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