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Feb 22, 2012

So Many Men At Womens Conference

The Hamevasser newspaper sponsored a conference for Haredi women. The conference had some speeches and booths selling stuff.

Kikar has pictures from the conference (yes, including pictures of women). The one thing I noticed is that there are an awful lot of men (including mayor of Bet Shemesh Moshe Abutbol along with mayor of Beitar Meier Rubinstein, mayor of Bnei Braq Yaakov Asher, Meier Porush and many others)  present at a conference for women. 

I am not quite sure why men need to be present at such a conference, and I wonder if it would work the other way as well - at a conference for haredi men would there be female speakers? Would there be booths "manned" by women? I don't know in what other capacity men were there, but would women be at a men's conference in similar capacities?

Could they not find capable female speakers to speak to the women that the men had to be there? Were there no women capable of selling at the booths?

It does not bother me that they made a mixed conference. It would not have bothered me had they announced they were going to be making a mixed conference. I wonder why all these men need to be at what is called a womens conference, when I know it would not be allowed to happen in reverse.

I suspect the need for all these men to be present is to show "see, we do good things for women also. we take care of them." It seems to me to be indicative of a sense of authority and control - this only exists because of us.

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