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Feb 20, 2012

Israeli Researchers: Chocolate Cake For Breakfast To Lose Weight

I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow!

Israeli researchers from the Hebrew University's school of nutrition in Rehovot and from Ariel University have discovered that a great breakfast consisting of chocolate cake and ice cream will help weight loss diets. Their theory is that eating sweets in the morning reduces the appetitie for sweets throughout the day, and in the morning the body handles the sweets better due to a higher metabolic rate.

They studied the issue by taking a group of overweight Israelis and feeding them an intense breakfast of chocolate cake, mousse, donuts and chocolate bars (why wasnt I invited to participate??!!), and had another group eating a low-carb dietetic breakfast.

At the end of the four month diet study the groups average weight loss was about even. For me, that is even enough - no need to continue. If I am going to lose the same amount of weight by eating chocolate, cake and sweets as I would by eating sugarless bran cereals, I am going choco all the way! But it gets better..

When they stretched it out to longer term, adding another four months to the study, the chocolate group continued losing weight, hand over fist, finishing the study weighing 20kg less than when they started, while the group eating dietetic food began gaining some weight back (though still finishing with an overall slight loss of weight). (source: Haaretz, Hattip: ISFI)

I am sold! No further convincing needed. This must be a real killer diet when combined with the Atkins high-protein (read: lots of steak and fried eggs) diet... I can see myself wasting away and shrinking with every bite!

And, as ISFI points out, this just proves the claim made by Bill Cosby about how nutritious chocolate cake really is...

Israeli researchers are the best!

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