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Apr 17, 2013

2 approaches to Yom HaAtzmaut 5773-2013 (video)

2 approaches to Yom Haatzmaut... regarding the 2nd, at least they somehow recognize the significance of the day.. and, notice that they protested Yom Haatzmaut on 6 Iyyar, the day it was pushed off to by the Rabbanut, instead of on 5 Iyyar. That indicates they completely recognize the authority fo the State and its offices (such as the Rabbanut)..

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  1. Once again as I do every year, I suggest the best solution to this, is to arrange for buses to be brought to RBS B, evict these people from their houses, drive the buses to Gaza, over the fence, and just leave them there, where they can continue to live with their Hamas friends, and still in Eretz Yisrael, even in the remains of the Gush Katif buidlings, and they can look after them until we come back, when we'll kick them out again, and send them to their other friends in Iran.

    1. because people exercising there right to free speech and assembly is now a crime? nu b'emet, they're insane, they're lying (they want a pali state here about as much as i do), they're a pain in the butt. but that's it.

  2. I actually think that their approach of protesting is far more desirable than the approach of most other haredi communities of ambivalence and ignoring the day completely as if nothing ever happened on it to give it any significance.
    and, as I said in the post, holding the protest on 6 Iyyar instead of 5 Iyyar shows further their tacit acceptance of the State and its offices.

  3. You give them too much credit Rafi, they are just protesting on the day that they know the journalists will come to take photos and film their display. If the media refused to give them any attention, like any toddler throwing a tantrum who is left without an audience, they'll give up and go home. But every year the media turns up and feeds their attention-seeking behaviour cos it makes a good 'look at the freaks' story. I say 'stop feeding the trolls'!

  4. Isn't the point of wearing sackcloth that it should be next to your skin?


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