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Apr 24, 2013

Easiest way to get to Meron for Lag b'Omer...

In Meron the bonfire will be going on as originally planned, on Saturday night (though I think it will be starting late), and not on Sunday as requested by the Rabbanut.

If you plan to go to Meron for the central bonfire, but hate dealing with the annual balagan of traffic and crowds, and a very long drive, and the extra problem of it being after Shabbos, there is a new initiative that will get you here quicker - in just an hour or so, and avoid the crowds. You won't avoid the crowds by the kever Rashbi, but you will avoid the crowds on the way to it.

For $800 round-trip, or $450 in one direction, you can go by helicopter from Jerusalem!

Bechadrei contacted the fellow behind the initiative to ask a few questions..

Pinni Rosenberg says that there are such problems with the traffic, and on a Saturday night unless you are staying in a hotel near Meron chances are you will miss the lighting of the bonfire that using a helicopter to get there quickly is the best solution.
Each helicopter can hold 13 passengers, and if necessary they might be able to get some more, smaller, helicopters as well.

The price is reasonable and affordable, and this not a luxury flight. it is meant to help enable as many people as possible to get there in the most convenient way. Obviously we are not talking about hundreds or thousands of people, and the spaces are limited, so first come first served.

nobody has yet to actually reserve a spot, though there has been a lot of interest. He does guarantee that they will be flying copters over for the bonfire lightings of Boyan and Toldos Aharon, as well as for the vatikin services...


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  1. That's almost the price of a ticket to the USA!

  2. expensive, should have a helicopter from zefat for 100 shekels of 50 shekels, a blessings where everyone will have a blessing


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