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Apr 18, 2013

Google's Israel public transport planner

This is awesome! Google today launched what they call the Israel Transport Planner. If I understand it correctly, it does away with probably half a dozen apps on your phone, by putting all the necessary features into one app which basically is Google Maps.

To quote from the announcement on Globes:
Google today launched its Israel public transport planner, Transit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Israel Railways. The service offers routes by bus, train, and the Jerusalem light rail, for reaching destinations.
The public transport planner joins Google's Israel voice navigator, launched in March, which provides information about traffic congestion. The use of Google Maps makes it possible to plan a route by foot, car, or public transport in Israel as in the US.
Google says that the information about public transport routes comes from 21 service providers, including bus operators Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society Ltd., Dan Public Transportation co. Ltd., and Metropoline Ltd., as well as Israel Railways. The service is available at Google Maps Israel by clicking on the bus icon. The service notifies the user how long it will take to walk to the bus stop, when the next bus will arrive, and where to get off.
Way to go Google!
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1 comment:

  1. Good and bad. It's good that it has created a 'better' service. Bad, there are already some good apps and these companies now risk becoming irrelevant or at least to delete the investment they put into their apps. What about http://www.jlembusmap.com/. I was hoping that eventually, someone would buy that out for Oren and he'd be rewared for the tremendous effort to keep it updated and running.


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