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Apr 29, 2013

Minister Bennet working to lower cost of living (video)

The new government has very quickly begun to formulate plans and strategies for economic and commercial reforms.. It started with the Open Skies program for air travel, and they already have announced that the ports will be next. In addition, Minister of Economics Naftali Bennet is also working to put together plans for lowering costs of living in more direct ways - finding products that can immediately have their prices cut. While each item itself might only save you a little bit of money, together it all adds up.. Especially unusual in the 2nd video is that it is filmed with Bennet walking through the corridors of his office building, and while getting into the elevator. He either must be working very hard or else maybe he wants everyone to think he is.

The ports:

Lowering costs of registration fees for day care:

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  1. this won't be the first time that port reformed has been announced.

  2. Nothing is new at all. Two months after the government is formed is not enough time to bring up anything new, so basically these are all ideas that were in the various ministries being prepared for legislation.

    As for Bennet's working image. There is no doubt he knows how to do a show. This is the new politics of 2013 - "show and tell": posting on facebook, making youtube videos, and all the ministers rehashing old idea for the media (another one is the irrelevant Transportation ministry saying they are going to lower the price of cars by 20% by allowing more imports)

    Everyone wants to be the next Cahlon, but frankly, very few can. Cahlon was able to tackle an industry which had very very high profit margins that could be reduced and still provide profit for competitors. I challenge all life readers to make a list of other industries with low competition and high profit margins. Open skies? a myth, car industry? - already highly competitive (and would be a disaster to reduce prices), electricity? Heavy loses and free power to teh PA Arabs. Water? nope, we are going to pay for all that desalination plants. etc...

  3. why would it be a disaster to lower prices on cars?

    to be honest, I dont even know if the prices of cars are actually so high. I think it is the taxes that are very high. It could be an issue of lowering the taxes rather than lowering the cost of the car itself...


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