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Apr 25, 2013

New pashkevil decries female bus drivers

I don't post the image of every pashkevil put up in Mea She'arim or RBS B by extremists. I don't usually want to give them a voice. I only post the ones that are either so unique or if I have something unique to say about it.

The following pashkevil is very unique. It even made me laugh a bit.

photo credit to INN
As reported on INN, the pashkevil posted in Mea She'arim is protesting that Egged employs female bus drivers.

the pashkevil states that Egged is well known for its mistreatment of the haredim and of everything holy to religion, whether by abominable pictures on huge advertisements or by mass chillul shabbos just to anger God - l'hachiss.
Now, to add a serious sin to their other sins, they have taken the counsel of Bila'am to cause the masses of travelers to sin by replacing male bus drivers with immodest female drivers... they will do everything in their power to ensure that these lewd buses will not enter our holy neighborhood.. we will use all means to push them out of our camp..

this pashkevil made me chuckle...

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  1. It's truly amazing that this type of segregation or religion is still happening in today's world. I get culture and religion but there is a fine line between that and what is ethically right?

  2. they have taken the counsel of Bila'am to cause the masses of travelers to sin

    Wow, I didn't know these female drivers were having illicit relations with passengers in the attempt to lure them to worship Ba'al Peor - and all while doing the route around town! What a wild ride that must be!

  3. and the exact sin here is????

  4. can you give us the specific bus numbers and drivers - I think this deserves some intense personal investigation


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